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Benefits of Agile Working

Posted 21/10/2019 by Amy Patterson

With 2019 hurtling to an end, we’ve had a bit of time to reflect on some pretty big changes that we implemented this year at Farnell Clarke.

If you hadn’t heard, on the 1st February 2019 we introduced Agile Working.

Agile Working essentially means our staff can work when, where and how they wish. But more importantly what does it mean for our staff?

It could mean that a mum/dad can attend their child’s sports day, or a member of staff can attend their favourite fitness class that starts at 4pm every Wednesday. It could mean that the Christmas shopping rush is a bit less stressful this year!

We feel that Agile Working can only work with the correct technology in place. Using communication platforms, CRM systems and collaboration tools can help everyone stay on the same page, without the need for excessive meetings and emails.

This may seem a little daunting for some businesses, however we take a bit of a different angle to most. Here at FC we simply focus on the output of work rather than the input of time.

The Benefits of Agile Working


Treating our staff with trust and respect, after all, they are adults; to manage their own time and to work their career around their personal life enables them to have an improved work/life balance.

Improved Wellbeing

Focusing less on the hours input and more on the output enables our staff to work when they feel most productive. That could be early mornings or late afternoons, without the restrictions of the normal 9-5pm, the stress of rush-hour traffic is a thing of the past.


Agile Working provides staff with the perk of determining how, when and where they work. Taking ownership of the way they work can break down hierarchy and give them greater sense of accomplishment.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Allowing staff to understand when they’re most productive enables them to minimise distractions and use their skills to the optimum level. Giving our team the freedom to express themselves allows them the opportunity to show their true ability and make a difference to our business.

Client Satisfaction

Our clients, especially those who run their own business, need flexibility just like our team. Focussing on the output gives us a clear sense of what the client needs, and the result is a happy client who receives exactly what they want, when they want it.

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