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How long until your cash runs out?

Posted 21/04/2020 by Patrick Leavy

In these testing times you need to know your burn rate; the rate at which you'll burn through your cash.

Do you know how many months' worth of overheads you have in the bank?

If your business is temporarily closed or sales have been reduced, you need to map out how long your business cash reserves will last you.

From clients worked with so far, they have found it invaluable to have a live cash flow forecast. With accompanying scenarios, we can remodel the environment you operate, add real time shifts, delays in payment and look into funding costs to see what your options are. We can work on the translation of these to your individual situations. If the findings show that you’ll need a loan, we can further assist with this process, making full use of the forecast modelling as part of your application.

How can we help you with your cash flow forecast?

We will help you get set up with Float, an app that plugs into your Xero data and uses it as the base of your bespoke forecast model. Together we will work on an accurate model to see exactly where you are, on a short, medium and long term basis. We do encourage you to avail of this service in a timely fashion. If you are thinking about the forthcoming weeks income, furlough, clients and debtors, now is the time to invest in your bespoke cashflow modelling solution. To make use of this game changing service simply get in touch with Patrick Leavy.

If you need a loan, re-finance or cash flow assistance then we can help you with both the application process and the search for a funded solution. For support in this area please contact Justin Lavery.

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