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Internet security tips from Norwich cloud accounting specialists

Posted 15/09/2014 by Will Farnell

With security breaches of cloud storage dominating the headlines recently, it seemed timely that we took a few moments to outline the measures that we take here at Farnell Clarke to ensure that your cloud accounting information is secure.

As pioneers leading the way in the adoption of cloud accounting over the last five years, security has always been one of our primary concerns because we understand how critical it is to our clients. When we first evaluated the range of cloud accounting technologies on the market, we carefully selected Kashflow as our chosen partner because they demonstrated a high level of credibility which won our trust. As the Kashflow cloud accounting technology continues to advance and be updated, security upgrades are intrinsic to this process.

When you log into Kashflow, you will see a small padlock image appear at the bottom of your screen - this means that the data being transferred between the user and a server on the internet is encrypted using a 1024 bit RSA key. This encrypting method is referred to as SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and is currently the industry standard for encrypting transactional information on the internet. All the major internet banking sites use it, as do the best e-commerce providers.

The servers that Kashflow uses to power its cloud accounting system are highly secure and protected by an advanced firewall, all of which is monitored 24 hours a day for any signs of suspicious activity.

The world’s leading website hosting company, Rackspace, hosts Kashflow’s website in their high security data centre in London – all the Rackspace staff are thoroughly security screened as part of the recruitment process and the stringent data centre security measures include keycard protocols, biometric scanning and round-the-clock surveillance.

Top internet security tips

  • Install a virus scanner on your computer and update it regularly
  • Change your online passwords regularly
  • Use different passwords for different sites
  • Email yourself monthly Kashflow backups and store them safely
  • Use a password management tool to help you to remember your passwords

There are no cast iron guarantees – a technically skilled hacker with a lot of time on their hands and a good dose of determination could overcome some of the most sophisticated security measures you take to protect your business, but following the tips above can help your business to stay ahead of the hackers in the cloud.

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