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Yes, that's correct we have an office pub. Well…a pub themed meeting room complete with beer and a pool table.

The Tax and Pounds is an important and well-loved part of Farnell Clarke HQ. The idea for a pub came from one of our team members and the fabulous name came from one of our Facebook friends, Laura Johnson.

The pub is open every Friday from 4pm and it’s a great place for staff to socialise, have a drink and chat about the week. And of course, it’s always open to those clients who prefer to talk business over a game of pool or with a drink in their hand (soft or otherwise).

The Tax and Pounds is just one element of our unique working environment. With bright colours, comfy seating areas, a variety of work spaces and a fantastic cup of coffee always available; our offices are designed to stimulate conversation, collaborative working and a supportive culture.

And most important, we’ve created a place that clients want to visit and where they’re always welcome.

Come and see us soon.

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