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Far from complicated fixed-fees

We like fixed-fees. That’s because they encourage our clients to keep in touch without the risk of any nasty invoicing surprises. You can focus on growing your businesses in the knowledge that your book-keeping, management reporting and annual accounts are taken care of.

Each one of our clients is unique; they all have different needs, different ambitions and different ways of working. That’s why we don’t offer rigid monthly packages and expect businesses to settle for one that almost fits the bill. Instead, we devise a completely bespoke package that meets each client’s needs exactly.

For individuals looking for help with their personal UK or US tax affairs we would give you a fixed fee quote based on your unique circumstances.

We’ve put together some example packages to show what we can do for you.

Sole Trade & Partnership

We understand that a limited company isn't the right business set up for everyone.

Perhaps you're running your company part time or you operate a lifestyle business that fits in around other commitments. Alternatively, working in partnership with a trusted colleague or friend can be a great way achieve business success.

But even if you've made the decision not to become a limited company you still need to meet your financial and legal obligations to stay compliant.

Sole trader packages prices from £30 per month

Services may include:

End of year company accounts

Personal tax return

Xero, Receipt Bank or 1Tap software

Free data import from Sage (if applicable)

Ad-hoc advice and support

Partnership packages prices from £70 a month

Services may include:

End of year company accounts

Partnership tax return

Personal tax return for two partners

Xero and Receipt Bank software

Free data import from Sage (if applicable)

Ah-hoc advice and support


We understand that being a contractor is a very specific way of working. We’ve tailored our fees for contractors with this in mind, to meet the needs of professionals who operate under their own limited company, selling their services to other organisations.

We’ve given examples below but of course we will create a bespoke package to suit your needs.

You’re a professional with one main client and a turnover of £50k. You issue one invoice a month and make a low number of purchases. All you need is to stay compliant, in the most tax efficient way, and have someone to call on for advice whenever you need.


End of year Limited company accounts

Corporation tax return

Monthly PAYE for one

Personal tax return for one director

Xero & Receipt Bank subscription

Annual confirmation statement (inc filing fee)

Ad hoc advice & support

£98+VAT per month

Your business is not quite as straightforward – multiple clients and suppliers and a turnover of £95k. You just want to take a photo of your receipts and the rest of your bookkeeping, plus VAT returns, will all be done for you.


As per the previous package, plus:

Quarterly bookkeeping

Quarterly bank reconciliations

Quarterly VAT returns

£152+VAT per month

Limited Business

Of course there certain obligations that every limited company has, but there is a whole lot more we can do for you.

We’ve prepared some examples of what your monthly Farnell Clarke package could look like. Rather like a set menu in your favourite restaurant, you can add extra items, swap things that you’re not so keen on or ask us to create something especially for you.

Keeping you Compliant

You actually don’t mind a bit of bookkeeping, especially when it means you get to play with the latest accounting technology!

Your business is now turning over £75k, with a small team, but you have a firm handle on things so are looking to us to get the boring stuff done to keep your business compliant. Oh, and be at the end of the phone for your questions throughout the month.


Annual limited company accounts

Corporation tax return

Two director tax returns

Monthly PAYE for two

Annual Confirmation Statement (inc fee)

£147+VAT per month

The Bookkeeper

You’ve grown – awesome! With a £325k turnover though, and with a staff of five, you are in need of someone to take some of the workload away. You’re a busy business owner, and need some reassurance that things are going to plan. So, let’s give you some support – all the services in the package above, plus:


Monthly PAYE for five

Weekly bookkeeping (i.e. 50 invoices per month)

Weekly bank reconciliations

Quarterly VAT returns

Quarterly management accounts

A meeting with us twice a year to review your figures

£376+VAT per month

The Management Accountant

Want to keep track of how your business is performing? We expect you want to as your turnover approaches £1m! You want figures every month, and then we will meet with you on a quarterly basis to help you identify opportunities, establish robust processes and ensure your business is well placed to develop and grow. All of the above plus:


Monthly PAYE for 10

Monthly Management Accounts

A meeting every quarter to discuss your business

£656+VAT per month

The Financial Director

At £4m turnover you know you need a full on accounts department. But that means more staff right? Well not necessarily - this is the kind of package that will work for you. As well as the day to day, we will meet with you on a monthly basis to review our management reports and forecasts to enable real-time financial planning. All of the above plus:


Monthly PAYE for 20, plus five P11d’s

Staff salary payments made for you

Weekly bookkeeping for 250 invoices a month plus all supplier payments

Three director’s personal tax returns

Monthly Management Reporting

FUTRLI forecasting reports

A meeting every month to discuss results and plan ahead

£1,327+VAT per month

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