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Fixed- fee simplicity

We like to be upfront and clear about our pricing so you’ll never receive any nasty unexpected invoices.

Call us today and we can put you together a bespoke package tailored to your requirements, or view our example packages below.

Far from complicated fixed-fees

We like fixed-fees. That’s because they encourage our clients to keep in touch without the risk of any nasty invoicing surprises. You can focus on growing your businesses in the knowledge that your book-keeping, management reporting and annual accounts are taken care of.

Our packages

Each one of our clients is unique; they all have different needs, different ambitions and different ways of working. That’s why we don’t offer rigid monthly packages and expect businesses to settle for one that almost fits the bill. Instead, we devise a completely bespoke package that meets each client’s needs exactly.

But because the majority of our clients operate through limited companies, and there certain obligations that every limited company has, we’ve prepared some examples of what your monthly Farnell Clarke package could look like. Rather like a set menu in your favourite restaurant, you can add extra items, swap things that you’re not so keen on or ask us to create something especially for you.

If you are a contractor, sole trader or operated under any other structure, click here for details of our other packages.

What colour suits you?

We haven’t 'graded' our sample packages or suggested the size limited company that they might be right for: that’s because they're all equally valuable, depending on the needs of your business or organisation. Instead, we’ve allocated each package a colour so you can tell us which is closest to what you need.

This might not be the way that accountants usually operate; but then Farnell Clarke are far from your typical accountants.

Pick a colour below as a starting point and we’ll build the perfect monthly package for you. As you grow the package can grow with you; if you decide to change your business approach the package can be adapted to suit your needs. It’s all about working smart and being flexible.

FC White

From £125 per month (+VAT)

We keep your small business compliant. We’ll prepare your end of year company accounts; a personal tax return for one director; handle PAYE for up to two staff and be available on the phone to answer any questions you have during the month.

  • PAYE for up to two staff
  • End of year company accounts
  • Corporation tax return
  • Personal tax return for one Director
  • Xero software
  • Receipt Bank software

FC Green includes White

From £250.00 per month (+VAT)

As the White package above, but we’ll also take responsibility for your day to day receipt bank processing, quarterly bank reconciliation and provide you with quarterly management reports. We’ll also undertake a twice-yearly review of your accounts and sit down with your team to offer business planning advice. This package includes PAYE for up to five staff.

  • PAYE for up to five staff
  • Weekly bank reconciliation
  • Quarterly management reports
  • Twice-yearly review of accounts
  • Business planning advice

FC Pink includes White & Green

From £395.00 per month (+VAT)

As Green package above, but we will meet with you on a quarterly basis to help you identify opportunities, establish robust processes and ensure your business is well placed to develop and grow. The Pink package includes PAYE for up to ten staff as standard.

  • PAYE for up to ten staff
  • Monthly management reports
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Business support

FC Purple includes White, Green & Pink

From £600.00 per month (+VAT)

If your business would benefit from a virtual accounts department and the direction of an experienced finance director, this is the kind of package that will work for you. As well as everything listed above, we will meet with you on a monthly basis to review your management accounts and enable real-time financial planning. The Purple package includes PAYE for up to 20 staff members.

  • PAYE for up to 20 staff
  • Monthly reviews
  • Real-time financial planning

Services for contractors

We understand that being a contractor is a very specific way of working. That’s why we’ve put together two dedicated packages to meet the needs of professionals who operate under their own limited company, selling their services to other organisations.

Our two contractor packages provide a starting point. But of course you can tailor our contractor bundles to suit your needs exactly.

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Services for sole traders and partnerships

We understand that a limited company isn't the right business set up for everyone. Perhaps you're running your company part time or you operate a lifestyle business that fits in around other commitments.

If you are a sole trader you still have accounts to take care of and financial obligations to meet. We'll provide you with the advice you need to ensure you stay compliant.

We have therefore developed packages designed just for you.

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