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Six-hour days and unlimited holiday…!

Posted 17/01/2019 by Amy Patterson

We’re delighted to announce one of the biggest and most exciting changes to the way we work at Farnell Clarke.

From 1st February 2019 our staff will be able to work six-hour days, with total flexibility of when, where and how they work. We will also be giving our team unlimited holiday making us one of the first accountancy firms in the UK to offer such a benefit.

With millennial’s making up over 50% of our workforce, and a further 17% of the team belonging to Generation Z, we’re keen to further develop our attractive modern workplace for today’s generation. Our aim as always is to continue to attract the best staff, and of course retain our fantastic team. We wouldn’t be able to implement this without their continued support.

This change has been two years in the making so it’s not something we’ve taken on lightly, but we’re really excited to offer this to our team. We are confident that we have the right people, processes and technology in place to make this a success for both our staff and our clients.

When we first discussed this idea, we sent a survey to all our staff asking them for their thoughts on a 6-hour working day and unsurprisingly the feedback was really positive. From then on, our focus was to put this into action.

Staff will of course be expected to continue to provide an exceptional level of service to their clients, but we’ll be focusing on our teams output of work, rather than the input of time. We believe that the client experience will be further improved by having healthier and happier staff, who can work to their clients’ needs without being restricted by normal office hours.

This change will give our staff the work/life balance they need to be more productive and efficient when their mind and body are in work mode. Research has shown that by having more hours to spend partaking in healthy activities, immune systems are much stronger, stress is reduced and therefore productivity is improved.

This is a really super exciting time for us and as always, we’ll be sharing our journey as we go.

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