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What we’re doing for our clients right now

Posted 01/06/2020 by Amy Patterson

It’s okay, not to be okay. It’s okay to be confused, scared, worried but we’re here to support as many people and businesses as possible throughout these times.

We need to remind ourselves that these times are temporary but our service to our clients is not. We have and will be, continuing to help support them throughout these times and the future.

Our communication has increased in recent weeks with all the government announcements. Below are just some of the ways that we’ve been keeping in touch with our clients to guide them through this crisis.

Support Page

With information changing regularly we felt that it was best to have a hub of information in one single place so we created our support page where you can find the all the latest news and updates.

Private Facebook Group

We’ve had our private Facebook group for clients called ‘The Tax and Pounds Social Club ’ since 2017. It’s a closed group which provides a safe space for our clients to talk, share their business and for us to share our knowledge with our clients.

Weekly Mailshots

We keep in contact with our clients via mailshots throughout the year but with the current situation we stepped this up a notch since the very beginning. With so much information being announced from the government, it was important for us to communicate it with our clients in a way that made it relevant to them and their business.

Support at the end of a telephone/email with no extra cost

One of our brand values is fixed monthly fees and that means that all of our clients can call or email as they wish without any extra charges. If they have a concern or a question, they can simply pick up the phone and chat to their team, and they won’t receive a higher bill for it! We’re here to support our clients, and to make their life easier, not harder.


Back on 31st March, which seems like it was about 3 years ago, we held an exclusive webinar for all our clients. This followed on from the government updates and covered all announcements from the Business Interruption Loan to the Job Retention Scheme. Helping our clients to see the pros and cons for each scheme helped them to see their business picture a bit clearer and give them their next steps.

Dedicated funding team

We’re very fortunate to have a funding team who are helping all our clients apply for their loans where needed. Taking the pressure off and having someone to talk through the options can be a real stress reducer, and we’re sure that most of us are feeling quite a lot of pressure right now! Remember a problem shared, is a problem solved.

Furlough Support

It’s a busy time of year for our payroll team and that’s significantly increase this year with the new furlough scheme. We’re supporting all our clients with the application of furloughing their staff members.

Cash flow forecasting

Cash flow forecasting has always been a service that we offer but it couldn’t be more important than now. When applying for loans the banks will want to see your forecast. Plan for the future with your own cash flow forecast.

If you need some help and support please book a phone/zoom call with Rebecca, she’d love to hear from you!

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